Thursday, July 28, 2005

Of note

For the second consecutive week Martin Peretz at The New Republic has written noteworthy articles on the state of affairs in Israel, with a specific focus on the upcoming disengagement plan. Last week's Anticipating Withdrawal: Eyeful in Gaza has been followed with this week's Word Choice. The former reminded a colleague of what Herman Wouk wrote-a conversation between himself and Ben Gurion-in his book The Will To Live On. It is fitting to keep in mind in our post 9-11 and 7/7 world, as well. This conversation took place way back in 1955 but, as he said, ain kol chadash tachas hashamesh.

“This is the only place for Jews like you. Here you will be free,” – David Ben Gurion to Herman Wouk in 1955

Free? Free? With enemy armies ringing you, with their leaders publicly threatening to wipe out ‘the Zionist entity,’ with your roads impassable after sundown -- free?– replied Herman Wouk

“I did not say safe, I said free.– answered Ben Gurion


Blogger Zoe Strickman said...

I wish my uncle would read your articles. I think he'd really enjoy them.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for the compliment, it is much appreciated.

8:56 PM  

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