Sunday, July 31, 2005

State legislator endorses racial profiling

Is a State Assemblyman fit for state office if he endorses the practice of a government agency racially profiling citizens whose bags it searches on the subway? It's a patently illegal and offensive recommendation, no matter how "effective" he thinks it is in fighting terrorism.

And I'm not even discussing the chilul HaShem aspect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illegal? Patently so, even?

NYPD Commisioner Brown's declaration of illegality notwithstanding, how do you figure?

What state or federal law is this in violation of, and couldn't the state assembly move to change at least a state law? Isn't that what legislatures do?

As for the constitutionality of the practice, I think a fair argument could be made that preventing acts of terrorism is at least as compelling a governmental interest as educational diversity; but not sure this is what you had in mind.

Also: are you saying that b/c it's offensive to you, its potential effectiveness (or as you would have it, "effectiveness",) ought not be considered, and that, in fact, anyone who encourages the use of racial profiling* is unfit to hold public office? On what grounds?

* Hikind doesn't appear to be endorsing an existing practice, as your post suggests.

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