Thursday, August 11, 2005

I don't understand

The ZOA, under the guise of "The Committee to Stop Rewarding Terror and Expelling Jews From Gaza," will be protesting and distributing flyers outside a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations next Monday at which former Israeli Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be speaking (unlike the person who sent out the email I received, I will not post the location publicly).

First, they protested when Sharon came to town back in May. Now they're protesting against a former government official? What's the point? Maybe they missed the newsflash wherein it was announced that Bibi RESIGNED. Maybe it takes them more than three days to read the news. Or maybe they just don't care about reality. Maybe they're more interested in protesting and blaming the Jewish organizations for "abandoning the missions of their organizations and abandoning their Jewish brethren."

Do they really think that their protest and leaflets will change the mind of any CofP member who will be present? Even if they can, then what? ...???

Or do they want their name in the media again so that they can be on the record (in case you, like them, aren't up on current events) as being against the disengagement?

This just seems like another last-ditch effort to make a scene. I certainly won't be there but some people I know will be...on the inside, that is.


Anonymous Aylana said...

Bibi's making a bid for PM again, and he's a major reason that the disengagement bill passed in the first place, his recent resignation notwithstanding. But it's that first part of the sentence that counts. He resigned his position as Finance Minister; he's not out of politics. That's one reason to "make a scene".
The protest won't be effective- ZOA tends to be well-intentioned but not well-planned.
However, given the dire situation in Israel, I'm not sure what's particularly wrong with "last ditch efforts". So they're making themselves heard in a slapdash ineffective manner. Of all the things worthy of criticism today, I'd say that's sort of the least of the issues. You're about to have 9,000-10,000 people brutally tossed from their homes to pave the way for a terrorist state. That should really provide a bit more fodder for complaints, I think.

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