Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is this really a good idea?

According to this WaPo article, private planes will be allowed back to fly into Reagan National down in DC beginning this summer. Apparently,

To access National under the new rules, crews and passengers will undergo background checks, all bags will be screened, armed security guards paid for by the fliers must be on board, flights can come from only 12 designated airports, and passenger and crew lists must be submitted 24 hours in advance.

Federal officials said 48 flights would be allowed per day, fewer than half the approximately 100 general aviation flights that shuttled in and out of National each day before the terrorist attacks.

I don't know, doesn't anyone remember this:

That picture was taken just two weeks ago, when a small Cessna breached restricted airspace over DC and the Capitol was evacuated as a precautionary measure. If small planes will be allowed back, don't you think the likelihood of this happening again increases exponentially?

I know why they're doing it! The staffers put the clause into some bill so that they'd get evacuated every once in a while, resulting in longer lunch breaks for everybody every few days!


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