Friday, August 12, 2005

Al Inyanei D'Yoma

Since tomorrow night is Tish'a B'av but also Motzei Shabbos, two halachic novelties are presented:
  1. It's the only time you get to eat meat as a last meal before the fast.
  2. It's probably the only time you'll be davening ma'ariv on Motzei Shabbos in your weekday clothes.
1 -- Because since there's no seudah hamafsekes and your last meal is the Shabbos meal of Shalosh Seudos, you can eat anything you'd normally eat on Shabbos, including meat and wine.

2 -- Because we generally don't wear Shabbos clothing on Tish'a B'av we go home to eat Shalosh Seudos. Once Shabbos is over, we say "Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh l'chol" and then change into non-leather shoes and non-Shabbos clothing. We then walk back to shul for ma'ariv and Eicha.

I've added pictures from Wednesday's tefila gathering at the Kotel -- they're awe-inspiring.

For those of you in the New York metro area, here's a list of shiurim that will be given at Ateres Chynka (129 Elmwood Avenue, Brooklyn, NY):

Motzei Shabbos Aug 13

9:20 pm Maariv - Introduction to Kinos (bring your own siddur and Eicha) Rav Shlomo Pearl, Rosh Kollel, Bostoner Night Kollel

10:45 pm Rav Dovid Goldwasser, Khal Bais Yitzchok, Brooklyn
"Faith in the night"

Sunday Aug 14

8:00 am Shacharis (bring your own siddur and kinos)

9:00 am Kinos - with Introduction and Explanation
Rav Yaakov Shulman, Congregation Talmud Torah of Flatbush

12:30 pm Rav Yochanan Zweig, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Bais Moshe Chaim, FL
"Loving Money, Hating friends"

1:30 pm Rav Ezriel Tauber, Founder, Shalheves
"Final Preparation for Moshiach"

2:30 pm Mincha

3:15 pm Rav Yaakov Hillel, Rosh Yeshiva, Ahavat Shalom, Jerusalem

4:15 pm Rav Yosef Viener, Agudas Yisroel of Midwood
"Time to forget, time to remember"

5:15 pm Rav Shmuel Dishon, Menahel, Mosdos Yad Yisroel, Karlin Stolin

6:15 pm Rav Mattisyohu Salomon, Mashgiach Ruchni, Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood

7:00 pm Mincha

7:45 pm Rav Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Executive Vice President, OU

8:30 pm Maariv, Havdala, Kidush Levana, Refreshments

Separate entrance/Seating, Air conditioned, elevator, $10 contribution/$30 per family.
Have a meaningful but tzom kal and may this be the last Tish'a B'Av we spend fasting and in galus.

L'shana haba'ah b'Yerushalayim habenuyah!


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