Monday, August 22, 2005

How the Palestinians see it

While we Jews a sad to see a Jewish government disengage from Gaza and return even one inch of Eretz Yisrael back to the Arabs, the Palestinians are not happy about it either. No, instead of being content their government is distributing documents such as the one below (which I found on the blog of "A diary of a mother under occupation") which decries settlers moving into the West Bank from Gaza.

They're relentless. Instead of being satisfied with what they have and what they've gotten ostensibly for free, they already have their sights set on the West Bank and are figuring out ways of getting Israel to disengage from that land, too. If people are getting kicked out of Gaza isn't it reasonable that some will move to the West Bank, home to their ideological brothers and where land is cheaper than in, say Jerusalem (which they also want 'back) or Tel Aviv?

The graphic illustrates that there are double the number of Palestinians in the West Bank than in Gaza and that Israeli settlers are still only one quarter of the territory's inhabitants, not-so-subtly implying that there should be a similar disengagement from the West Bank, too. To buttress the point it tells us "The number of new settlers Israel is making room for this year alone" and "Palestinian land to be de facto annexed to Israel by the Wall (imagine they even capitalize it!), settlement fences, settlement expansion, and infrastructure development."



Blogger Elster said...

What else is new. The Times has always been an anti Israeli/anti semitic paper. This is nothing new. I stopped ordering the times over 2 years ago; subjecting myself to the Post in order to stop sending money to those who hate me.

4:42 PM  
Blogger The real me said...

Its nice to see a Jew who cares about what's happening to our brothers in Israel.

A fellow on arutz 10 had a very good piece on the heartless and brainless people who are in charge of 'resettling' our brothers.

12:26 AM  

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