Sunday, August 21, 2005

Like pouring salt on a deep wound

As if being evicted from your house isn't bad enough, imagine getting kicked out of your hotel room on Sunday at 10am instead of ten days from now (as planned) without being told where you can go.

Or arriving at a hotel at 3:30am on Thursday night only to be told that there are no rooms available for you and the other ten members of your family.

There are also reports that there is rampant looting in the evacuated houses of the Gaza Strip and that those who did not take everything with them when they left last week will have little to pack up when they come back.

A "senior IDF officer" told Yediot that,
the critical mistake was that the IDF was not given the responsibility of taking care of the settlers from the evacuation through the temporary solution. The Disengagement Authority assigned heartless, brainless people who are chasing their tails. Inadequate planning causes the evacuees further trauma.


Anonymous Rachel Ann said...

There were many mistkaes made and one of them was the IDF should have seen the people safely to their temporary places.

I am opposed to the diesngagement; I feel it is destructive to Israel. But the way Sharon went about it was completely wrong.

He knew the numbers of residents, how many children and the ages each had. Each community should have been taken to their own area, places readied for them; soap, shampoo, toothbruhes, toilet paper, and other personal items in the bathroom, sheets, blankets, pillows on the bed. Towels ready and waiting. Food in the refrigerator, both prepared (with a hechsher) and fresh produce, cheese, etc. There should have been an information booklet directing them to proper agencies where they could get the help they needed. Someone should have made contact with all the families within an hour or two of their arriving wherever they would be to help them with whatever they would need.

They were however, evicted from their homes and dumped.

Evicting them from their homes is disgusting enough. How it was done is horrifying.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

I agree completely.

I was talking to a cousin in Israel who has a close relative in a very senior level of government and she said that there were so many details-financial, security, logistical etc-that for some stupid reason this was one that part of the plan that 'fell through the cracks.' While that appears to be true, it remains entirely inexcusable.

11:15 AM  

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