Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Palestinians kill their own children

For the second time in a week Qassam rockets fired from PA-controlled Gaza missed their Jewish targets and killed a Palestinian child. At least we know G-d is listening to our prayers. Here are the details:
Ynet reports that two of three Qassam rockets fired by Hamas in Beit Hannoun towards Sderot shortly before the start of the anti-disengagement rally held in the Israeli border town slammed into a Palestinian home in Beit Hannoun killing a 3 year old boy and wounding six other Palestinians. The thirdrocket fell near Sderot, causing no Israeli injuries.
Hopefully no one participating in the rally to preserve the Jewish presence in Gush Katif, one that began this afternoon American time, will be injured by any rockets that do find their way to Sderot.


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